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This week is our annual Celebration of the Autumn Equinox - what many of us know as Mabon. So we'll look at some of the well-known myths, legends and traditions surrounding Mabon.


And we'll honor The Dark Mother, plus we'll bring a little Balance and Gratitude into our lives.


And finally - An Apple Harvest Ritual!


Be well. Do good. Enjoy the show

Some of the music you'll hear on this weeks show include Urban Myth: "Harvest Lammas Song"; Maddy Prior: "Marigold/Harvest Home"; Inkubus Sukkubus: "Midnight Queen"; Steve Davison: "October Light"; Wendy Rule: "Animus" and more.



Maybe you've composed a new poem and would like to hear it on the radio. If you want to submit audio to The Spiral Dance, send me an email. There are basically no rules - just no harsh language, no commercial self-promotion and no Christian-bashing. Please let me know what you think about the show. I'm always open to suggestions; email spiraldance1@ or

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