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Enter here in perfect peace

Leave your fears at the steps

the journey you must make

and inside of perfect trust you will make

Enter here in perfect love

leave behind the pain that follows you

tapping at your shoulder and holds you down, like a bolder

Enter here completely as yourself

shine like the diamond you are

a bright and shining star

and when you leave here

leave in perfect trust and always do as you must

in perfect trust,

In perfect happiness and always lust for another day

and always choose your own way

you are the brightest, shining star in my crown

and because of you

I am renouned

show the world your power

not the weakness that follows you like a shadow

not falling on the ground

and here you will learn who you really are

a brillant, shinning diamond in my crown.


writtien by the Pagan Pixie

February 28th,2010


from my goddess Ishtar(I believe)

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