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A Writer's Journey Starts Off the Path

One small step seems

Minuscule to the entire journey,

But without the first step

There is no journey. 

The first stroke of the pen

The feeling of the first key tapping on the keyboard

Both inspiring untold potential

And an initial spark of energy.

This feeling has an essence

Of innocence and excitement

A childlike trust and fearlessness

Ready to conquer the journey.

At that moment there are

Only dreams of stories to

Be lived and to be told

There is only a beautiful view of the horizon.

There may be challenges

Hidden in the brush

Or fears in the heart that

Are awaiting to be seen.

The journey and the destination

Failure and change of direction

The tools and weapons needed

Are indeterminable.

The writer does not care

The only concern is seeing new experiences

And new stories through the eyes of amazement

Like a child first seeing the world.

A writer searches with no

Destination in mind

Souring from a cliff

Into the abyss of the unknown.

Love Kristi V

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Comment by Enigma on March 27, 2019 at 5:00pm

"Like a child first seeing the world."

I know, right.

When my second son was born his eyes were wide open and he was looking around at everything in amazement. He did not cry.


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