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     Near as I can tell, we live in a reality that is responsive enough to interact with our consciousness through symbols, synchronicities, archetypes, omens, and the occasional burning bush. Call it what you like, the gods, the Universal Mind, the Tao, your higher self. Who can say for sure? Simply put, the things you find/experience in your ordinary day can speak to you, though not in words. The trick is to be mindful of what you are searching for while watching for the answer to manifest.

    This is better taught through example and I thought I'd share how it worked in my life this past week. It's unnecessary to go into what my problem/question was. You haven't helped me move a couch, so I'll just keep it to myself. Suffice it to say that the book East of Eden by John Steinbeck was relative to a similar instance in my life ten years ago and the shakti of Compassion is Attachment.

     So, for months now I've brooded over this thing, trying to make sense of it, find a way to live in peace with it. Feeling lost, a week ago, I petitioned my allies and ancestors for guidance. I don't often pray, but I went out and made an earnest prayer to the night sky as well.

     The next day I recalled how East of Eden had brought me some wisdom ten years ago so I got Netflix to send me the movie. The day it arrived I had gone to a flea market on a whim, just to browse. On a bottom shelf, back in the corner, a book caught my attention. It was The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I hadn't heard of it, but I was actively watching for signs and it's not like Steinbeck comes up in my world all that often. There is no such thing as a coincidence. So I bought the book for fifty cents but didn't make any time to read it. I didn't know that it had the answer yet; I was just going with the flow.

      I watched East of Eden the next day but didn't get anything at all out of it. The movie just didn't have any heart like the book does. Later I had some busy days and The Pearl sat forgotten on my desk.

     Yesterday I went to the grocery store to see if any of the seven day candles might inspire an answer. Often a saint will "volunteer" to help if you are open to it. I was drawn to a candle named Milagro de Tepeyac which was totally unfamiliar to me. So I bought it, again just going with the flow.

     I won't work with a spirit I know nothing about so I looked it up. I have no idea why but the yahoo search suggestions said "Milagro de Tepeyac John Steinbeck" (I just typed it in again and it didn't do it this time.) Well, that was three Steinbeck references in a few days. Obviously the universe has something to say. I spent a while trying to learn if Steinbeck had written anything about the Miracle of Tepeyac, but couldn't find anything. So I resolved to read The Pearl and expect an answer to be found within.

     An hour later I was surfing around Paganspace and happened to notice someone had listed John Steinbeck as a favorite author on their profile. It made me laugh, as if the spirits were saying "Go read the book already!"

     I read The Pearl last evening. It's a short book, and I recommend it to anyone. I made some notes as I read it.  I mulled it over during the night, and this morning. I read it again this afternoon. I'll likely read it again soon.

     Did it have the answer I was looking for? Was there a perfect message just for me in that old book? No, Honey Chile, it doesn't work that way most of the time. You have to grow into a lesson and let it grow into you. Sometimes you'll just get the tools you need, or maybe a story will open a door inside your inner self.

     It's easy to relate the storyline of The Pearl to my problem. However, the story itself doesn't offer any solution. It's a cautionary tale for the most part. My own problem doesn't require a solution so much as a resolution. It's just an old hurt I haven't been able to make room for in my heart just yet.

     I do feel differently about my problem though. It's like the weight of it has shifted to one side and the sting of it has subsided. My guess is that the little part of my subconscious that was being so emotional about it (my Unihipili as the Hunas would call it) read that book from a different perspective than my conscious mind did. I suppose I feel relieved to know that deep down I have my answer and in time it'll come trickling up. It's a hopeful kind of feeling like when you've been sick for a week but you wake up and know that you'll feel good by that afternoon. 

     So, keep an eye out for the little hints you may find in your days. As within, so without, right? It's like the Beatles sang, "There will be an answer. Let it be." We aren't alone with our worries, solutions often manifest along with the problems. I take some comfort in that.

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Comment by Melissa Selby on May 28, 2013 at 9:50am

This was very insightful. You're a very good writer, and should write a novel! =)


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