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STANDARDS - You've got to have Standards! You've got to to say "No" to the “What & Whom” which do not belong.

And you’ve got to say a firm "Yes" to the “What & Whom” which really belong.

After all, it is really your Life, your Journey from cradle to grave.


YES - we all can only be as Real as our Money/Means/Circumstances can afford us to be.

POSE - It is an interesting fact that it is easy to pose, to do or to be anything but "only in token"... Images can but hearts cannot!

REALITY, it's all around the world. People are simply becoming more & more Themselves and less & less the image which was invented for them.

SIMPLE as I see it - We're all born as babies. The poison/harm & everything else were invented/picked up along the way from cradle to grave.

TRUTH? Truth only serves Perception... And perception wears many Faces in many Times and Places... That it's the dirty Secret of the Truth.

FACTS? Ha! They change as often as Perception grows to reflect Evolution. Nothing is for keeps, nothing is for sure except Changes.


MOST PEOPLE ordinarily only become the words/labels of their Culture's invented Belief & Language... Few grow beyond it via individuation.

DON’T become a slave for the Belief & Language of your Culture - Re-invent it in order to free yourself to be Whom you really are.

GIFT - Beware, whatever you do think, it is actually what/who you will attract into your life, whether sooner or later. So, think FUN, but responsibly alike as in empowered “Freedom with Wisdom”, folks!


WE all could make it all easy & simple for ourselves by doing our best to enjoy all parts of our Existence… By being honest & true to Our very own selves individually first and then, also to all Meaningful Others.

JOKE - But who am I kidding? The fact is, most people, they go from cradle to grave and just barely getting to know who they really are at all.

BOUND? Simplicity always abides within Complication, and also very much vice-versa.

OBVIOUS, it hides in plain view from all of us and chiefly amidst our chosen distractions from our Culture’s Values and Ways of Conduct, also amidst our chosen lame excuses from our Culture’s many Belief & Language.


No! I am no Martyr, I am no Victim and certainly I am no Saviour neither!

I AM! Yes, I am just your average Ancient Soul and with an individuated &  cultured GLBT Pansexual MTF Perm-Non-Op Transgender Attitude of our times own New Age Renaissance, which says I'm right because life and death don’t matter…

BECAUSE… Our existence does continue on and very much beyond our tiny & temporary perception of our one-lifetime-at-a-time journeys from cradle to grave.

ETERNITY & INFINITY, they abide within our SOULS and there is no beginning, nor any ending at all, but the eternal and infinite CHANGES that we are of and for sake of empowered “Freedom With Wisdom” also known as Eternal and Infinite EVOLUTION of All and for All / Everything, everywhere.


SPECIES! As a Species, our general world cultural Modus-operandi is really to vilify what/anything & who/anybody which we happen "Not" to like nor to care for, and in order to "Justify Ourselves" our very own Fears, our cultural Anti-Attitudes, our “socio-religio-politico bullshit” Dislikes!

FOLKS, this is us and we do kill our very own "Normal" just in order to bow down to the Herd, to the ilusion of safety/protection from the Comformity of Herd-Thinking.

No! Not me! Not myself, folks! I am Non-Conformist by Nature.

DRINKER! Not myself much of a drinker at all, folks! That it is, except “Socially” only. My FAV MARTINI - Mix Plymouth Gin, Boissiere, or Noille Prat Vermouth Red/Sweet, Olive & Lemon Peeling!

My FAV SCENT - Opium by the late Yves Saint Laurent.

My FAV FOOD – London Beef Wellington, Feijoada Carioca, Jersey Steak O’ Brien, Viennese Schnitzel, Coq Au Vin, Coquilles St. Jacques, Lobster Thermidor (Lite on the Mustard), Sagu, Paçoca, Brazilian Carne Seca, Salted Cod Fish, Napoleon, Pâté de Foie Gras but only the made-in-France, British Rice lite on the  Mushrooms, Peacans, Coconut, Strawberries, Brazil Nuts, Cuban Black Bean Soup, Mutton, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Fish…


HALF-ASS! It is hard to work up any real Enthusiasm and to get impressed, chiefly with Mediocrity, half-ass / half-baked People & things… And all loaded with plenty of Intellectual Dishonesty, or with lots of Willful Ignorance… And get this, they all are ready, eager & willing to draw You right into their Circle of Shit! I say - Nah, I pass!

REAL - The other fact is, folks, let’s be real a bit here!

PEOPLE & THINGS, They all feel One Way when on paper, and when in the books, on TV, and/or, Online / in Virtual Worlds of the Internet…

And of course, all of that, from a comfortably Clinical,  Safe DISTANCE, and within the Make-As-If Realms of No-Consequences at all in general...

But folks, when it comes to UP-FRONT, Near and Close, and in the Real World, and in Real Live Time, ah… Watch out, because…

- THINGS can be  very much DIFFERENT and So Are “THE PEOPLE.


SELF? After Jung, the Shadow must be dealt with, the sacred Union of the the Old wise Man & of the Old Wise Woman, full circle.

OUT with the Inventions of Others, & IN with our own part of creating what it feels Right & Natural to us. Welcome your Shadow & do learn What it is made of.

HAPPY! The happy Mystery is in the "Evolution Dance" of the Anima & Animus, of the Old Wise Man & the Old Wise Woman… Such it is in Braving and Making Friends with the Shadow.

GREAT RITE - And the Outcome of such is always the Sacred Alchemical Marriage of all Parts of Our SELF as One.


NO! No Religion/Mythology, no Politics/Govs, no Academia/Traditions, nothing is larger, nothing is higher than meaningfully Empowered FREEDOM With WISDOM For All, which indeed is The LAW Of EVOLUTION Of/For All.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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