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The Benedict miracle twin architect where it all started bay of Naples there is a ocean current like the gulf stream that makes shipping easy in this area an Egyptian monk traveled to Salerno called Constantine and lived next door to my family the person who invented cement Vitruvius that started building of complex monuments

the history of needle making here in my home town Reddditch was a world famous invention is unknown as all the written industrial Aero history was destroyed in a fire 1979 the monks were from Naples area who brought manuscripts inventions by Vitruvius who was also born in the Naples area Christopher Wren patented the 12 books of architecture the arch was sacred it saved time and effort was the workings of a genius health and healing those that argue are after blood the argument is vulgarity how the personality is fashioned differences between a hobby and insanity or people who watch too much television a short walk to the ruins from Old Salerno across the mountain top mention Atlantis it shows ancient rowing ships how old was Pompeii another argument that can never be answered when most people think back in time they do not consider how very few people there was on Earth then and the existence of giants fairy story solar galleon one boat arrived there that became Pompeii is a painting artifact critic how many escape vessels from Atlantis the story says twelve one hundred people

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Comment by Vito on March 30, 2013 at 6:05am

Action and reaction cause and effect how to spell out anything the mirror of conscience what makes up a true story pathways of truth by all the facts facing you then there is still no solution why do individuals argue imagine having a eye operation caused by someone living next door then trying spying on recovery blind or not insanity for fourteen months after if not years before mocking you torturing you keeping you awake for the sake of it not imagination but factual so they continue smile as you kill some things are not funny a has been the bible says distance run away from demons as they are not responsible for their own actions to them yesterday is already history and forget too easy i am only flesh and blood human a awaken bell sounding hourly duty a van hire sleep over holiday to get away from people that do not like me and are innate with futile territories


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