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One evening near dusk I went to retrieve the container in which I had left my customary Fey offering at my back yard Fey shrine.  This time, I had left a tiny bowl of agave nectar as my gift to the good people.  When I bent down to peer into the bowl, expecting the nectar to be gone (as my offerings are usually taken soon after I leave them), I saw an ant struggling in the nectar.  I tipped the bowl carefully so as to free the ant from the gooey stuff, and watched him get his bearings and slowly walk away.  Feeling relieved that the creature didn't die needlessly, I vowed not to put anything sticky in a bowl any more but to put the nectar on a leaf instead so the ants wouldn't get stuck.

That night as a lay in bed, I received a lovely serenade.  Not asleep by any means, and thoroughly in my right mind, I heard a lovely tune play outside my window.  The music was like nothing I had ever heard before, nor can I even describe it.  It was a combination of haunting calls and percussion, like sticks or rocks being rythmically tapped together.  It went on for about 4 minutes and ended with a lovely call that sounded similar to "kee kee ri kee kee!"  I'll never forget it!

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