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You see him in the black night, at first an ominous silhouette cloaked by the sheen of a silver moon high overhead. The unique power of transformation is one of the most alluring talents of a Vampire..

The shadow abruptly transforms from what appeared to be a man, into a wolf then vanishes into the night. For a moment, you believe you have imagined this phenomena but your sixth sense tells you that you've just crossed paths with a Vampire.

One of the fascinating powers held by a Vampire is the ability to transform into a myriad of objects. Various animals such as a wolf, dog or bat are prominent within the domain of the Vampire World. Dust-like clouds and mists that fade into the darkness are also popular methods of transformation.

Within the books of history encompassing the transformational talents of the Vampire, folklore spawns different modes of transformation. For example, the Japanese wove a tale of a female Vampiress who from time-to-time assumed a humanly form as the wife of a Prince. She followed the act by transforming into a cat to hunt her victims.

Ancient Rome fixed their Vampire's transformation on fowl including birds, crows, and screech owls. The Slavic Vampire transformed into animals, plants, and farm implements. Yes, farm implements. It gives a brand new meaning to the word hoe, doesn't it?

So the next time you enter the back streets of the city, beware weary traveler and take time to look very closely for both man and beast, and sometimes, farm implements.

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