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Sometimes I wonder if I am going senile because I am so forgetful. Well, i discovered that I remember very well, especially in recalling memories.

I was notified yesterday that one of my cousins died in January. I had not seen Donald in forty-two years but had called him about five months ago just to catch up on old times. The news was so painfull that I was completely surprised by my own reaction. Why was this so crushing? We had not been around each other for over half our lives, but, yet I felt as if I had seen him every day and lost a constant pal.

I sat in my pink chair with the letter lying in my lap and remembered the times we had. I had gone back to live with my mom in 1967 and had spent a long two summers with my cousins We were like a pack Ricky, Dennis, Donald and myself. We went to the movies every Saturday and I spent many nights at one of their houses.

Donald was my favorite and I spent many a day setting in the floor with him playing Monopoly, Rummy or reading comic books.

We went swimming at Lake Waco, Made rummage sales, rode bikes and went skating (he was my teacher). Sometimes we would go to my Uncles Garlands for a fish fry and fish in the Brazos.

Most of my female cousins in Texas were older or lived far from me,but that did not matter because I had the boys.

I was sad for him when his home burned taking his wife and son although I had not met them and eventually, just lost track over the years.

Even in his long absence he will be very missed and always loved . I know this because the best memories are kept in the heart and not just the mind.

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