The God that you are referring to comes from the bible the hebrew word Elohim ( pardon if misspelled. ) Elohim meaning gods or magistrates derived from Semitic, eloah, Ugaritic ihm, The Canaanites El root usually derived from a meaning to be strong or to be in front of.

It is a genderless term from my understanding of it. The gender associated with the biblical deity is most likely due to male dominate society, which plays a big role into who the Chief deity truly is.

Due to the translation changes and possible human handling of the stories in all world religions one may never know the full truth of if the deity had a gender or not. in the end it is more of a personal choice rather than one as a whole.

One of my favorite teaching that come with Deity worship is the story of when the Buddha was asked about the existence of “God” the Buddha responds with a paradox. There is a God and there is not a God, There is not not a God and so on.

Of the many questions asked with in the human species. Most answers can not be found outside of oneself. One has to seek internally for the true answer to ones questions.

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Comment by Magena on July 1, 2019 at 11:27pm



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