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A frequently told myth about Kama Deva, the Hindu god of love, tells us that he is “Ananga”---limbless---because he shot his arrow of love at Shiva, who had withdrawn into an unceasing meditation after losing his first wife Sita. Ostensibly Kama had acted on behalf of all the gods, who wanted Shiva to marry Parvati in order that he might have a son who would one day save the world. Reacting angrily, Shiva destroyed Kama with a stream of fire from his third eye. Kama Deva’s wife Rati Devi implored Parvati to intercede with Shiva to restore Kama to life; which Shiva did, but only as Ananga, the “limbless” deity.

In an exclusive interview with Kama Deva he interpreted this myth in terms of actual historical times and places. Early civilizations like the Egyptian, the Babylonian, the Canaanite, and the Indus River had a form of religion that could justifiably be categorized as sexual magic. Kama Deva was a powerful sorcerer and ruler at Mohenjo-Daro on the Indus River who attempted to corrupt the pure spirituality of Mahavatar Babaji---the same Babji who is known to students of the Self-Realization Fellowship. Babaji was an avowed enemy of the sexual religion. In the inevitable confrontation between the two men Babaji defeated and killed Kama Deva and thrust him unconscious into the depth of the Astral realm. After Rati meekly implored Parvati to intercede with Babaji, Kama Deva was brought back to consciousness but not allowed to reincarnate again. That is why he is called Ananga. Babaji tells me that Kama can reincarnate upon the earth again if only he will put aside his bitterness and his plans to recreate the sexual religion. Kama Deva insists that his bitterness is justified and that his rights have been violated. The sexual religion he advocates was not nearly as bad as Babaji claims it was, Kama says. He says that Babaji is guilty of allowing a personal problem with sex to influence his judgment.

Below: An image of Kama and Rati superimposed on a wall of the so-called Black Pagoda of Konark, with erotic carvings.

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