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My personal life is well, pretty boring. Its my spiritual and business life that is on crazy mode lately.


We, the coven, went on our first field trip to Luna Herb Co., its a small 5 acre farm about an hour away from us. We gathered all the kids, booster seats, bottles, juice cups and all the adults plus one thermos of coffee. We got on the road a little late but made up some time on the way. The farm is awesome, we are planning on making it a monthly field trip from now on. Its such a great learning experience and really is perfect for everyone.


We did decide to start our rotating Maiden duty though for places that the kiddos can't go or things that just run too late. Unfortunately Luna runs a little late for the young ones so they won't be going back for a little bit but besides that it was great and the older kids had a great time.


Luna offers herbal remedies, consultations, fresh eggs, goats milk and a variety of other things.


We are planning our next field trip to either a creamery or a bison farm, haven't decided yet but I feel like its really important that we go to places like these. We get to learn about what goes in to cheese making or whatever it may be. We learn respect for the animal, the farmer, and more respect for Gaia for being able to feed and nourish all these creatures.


We are currently looking for a van of some sort to transport everyone to and from our field trips. Right now we have been borrowing a big SUV and squeezing everyone in to carpool. I've looked at a few vans and the cheapest I've found still would take us about a year to save up enough money for it.


Personally. I have been researching my great grandmothers tribe, the Waccamaw Indians. I've been talking with the Chief here and there and I'm really interested in them. Right now they are on a quest to bring equality to the Indian Tribes of South Carolina and hopefully all over. You'd be surprised by how restricted they are in just about everything. There are actual laws that specifically point them out or in to something, but even those 'beneficial' laws end up being detrimental.


With so much going on, I am trying to also keep up on six websites and my small business. Needless to say, I'm ready for my vacation coming up. I hope you all are having a productive and positive weeks. Blessed be brothers and sisters.

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