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Oh, my dear Sisters and Brothers.  I don't feel offended, but I do feel somewhat astonished.  I like to defy classification and categorization myself, but I'm only observing.  There are those here who may be sincere and well-meaning but they lack Knowledge - one must actively seek knowledge.   There are those who are very specific in their paths and cling to them like grim death (no pun) - that's too much like religion.  There are a very few like me - Love and Compassion is my path.  I tried starting a group and no one is interested - Ancestral Spirits, which invites intelligent discussion and insights.  So many more are interested in taking off their clothes - I like that too, as long as it is part of a ritual, and Loving.  I have commented and tried to find new friends, but- the Spirit of the Polish/Slavic warrior in me is stirred, and I feel like saying, (in the old expression)  " Who the fuck do you think you are?   You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.   Oh, and your ego -- I think you're a phony -- Fuck you."   Well, I'm going to try to start a few more groups and see what happens.  And to you, Sisters and Brothers who truly are sincere and Seekers, I send and invoke abundant Blessings and Love  - Greg - 

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Comment by Gregory Przybylinski on February 17, 2013 at 2:38am

I must apologize for some of my graphic "Chicago style" language in this blog, but my life on this earth right now has burdened me with much loneliness, and I have only my angels and deities and ancestral spirits to turn to - and none other on this earth.   Blessings and comfort to all of you.  


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