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I have a huge event coming up soon where I will have to conduct a ritual for my biggest group I've ever had. I can't help but feel a little worried over it. I know though, that in the heat of the moment, I'll be okay.


I am worried we wont have anyone show up (I know we will though, as much as I have been advertising a few people at the least lol) then I worry if we have a lot of people then we won't have any volunteers which will make everything 10 times harder then what it needs to be, not impossible just harder. Its just not physically possible for the other Coven Mother and myself to be ever facet of the event, so much depends on other people for this to go smoothly.


I worry we won't have enough things for people to do or try. We won't be able to get a drum circle going, or... it just turns out to be lame the event as a whole.


I know though, that the event will turn out well no matter what. I know that we will make it work, with or without the help. We may be small but that shouldn't matter, if we have the will and drive to make a totally wicked awesome event then so be it.


But being human.... I still can't help but feel a little worried.


Have you ever held and event similar to this or anything? How did it turn out? Any advice you could give me on what to expect, what to prepare for?

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