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I'm feeling incredibly anxious today for some reason. The worst part of all, is I had to work late last night (12:30am is when we left) and have to get up this morning for work again for a four hour shift, and then they're calling me back in again at 5pm. I'm not used to working the late hours and the morning hours. They've been spoiling me. Anyway, today I feel drained, exhausted and all around blah. My stomach hurts, I have no appetite, and all I want to do is curl up in bed. I've been more tired, but this sucks. And its one of my favorite holiday's too. All I'll be able to do to celebrate is watch Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth tonight, then off to sleep because I have to get up early tomorrow too. Such is life. Its not like I want to go out drinking or would if I could. Not my scene. But I would love to have some time to enjoy the beautiful sunny day. At least I get to walk to work.

Normally I'm so bright and chipper. The past few weeks I've felt manic. Now its like...I totally crashed. Today will probably be insanely busy too. :( Not sure if I'm up for it. But whether I am or am not doesn't matter, because I have to work regardless. I'm anxious about getting sick on the job, or about my glittery green eye make-up getting on food. I normally don't wear glittery stuff, but I thought it would be fun for St. Patrick's Day. I have jade green earrings in and a Celtic knot necklace. I want to wear my cross but I don't have a chain. :( Never did get over to Wal-mart. Ah well.

I better head out. I like to show up early. Hopefully I did enough whining here that I'll be in a brighter mood at work. Hehe.

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