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Art Bell Has Passed Away - 

By- Mike j Hughes .



   I just got news that Art Bell  from Coast to Coast A.M , and of Dark Matter , sadly he passed away the other day. He was a heavy smoker all his life . However He helped America , and encouraged  people to get into action  , in order to stir up ''people power''.
Sure it has had many strange guests , some of them would make you laugh , like that J.C guy who is so paranoid about porn as the corrupted demon it is .
Then there was the Time Machine guy , { Madman Markum  } . who was selling time machines to any of Arts Listeners , that was fucked up . Many of his guests were very credible,  when        Michio Kaku    { Theoretical Physicist ].   came on the show back in the 90s , and just ''blew my mind'' so to speak .  I remember a few times when Benjamin Creme was a guest on the show. The listeners  were bitchin and bellyaching that He was the false prophet or some retarded antiChrist without doing any of their own research , thus they knew Him not , nor to the fact that his message to Humanity is simple , peaceful , pure , harmless , honest and Spiritually wholesome  for all Humanity.

Art Bell , and his all night radio show were , for many years , part of my nocturnal  activities. I would take and write about ideas , expanding  my vocabulary , broadening my mind and aspiration to reach for the spiritual ''Self Awareness '' that makes men into Great Adepts  and Masters of Wisdom . I have to say ,it was Art Bell that kindled other talents , and interests , greatly feeding the minds thirst. 
I got  one hell of an education about some of the more credible guests who were scientists , Military , Medical Doctors ,  people working  out of Area 51 , a few who worked at  N.A.S.A , and the show was big and very into ufo's  ,- however I know that there is a cover-up about what was discovered .
Again some of these U.F.Os Lobbyists are doing some good at revealing this phenomena , and pushing  for some disclosure without infringe upon the freewill of Humanity..

For the Years to come , when Humanity is ready ,  they  will reveal themselves as Human Beings as well. They are our Elder  Brothers , just as the Masters of Wisdom are our Elder Brothers as well . The Space Brothers , and the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet  are indeed the ''Gathering of the forces of Light''. All in all Art Bell has played a role in preparing the way for the ''World Teacher'' . I think He knew that He was playing an important role , however He was not fully conscious of His role when it comes to the fact of working with the Spiritual Plan on Earth.

I do see Art Bell coming back into incarnation within about 200 to 500 years time , and working along Social Science and communication . 
We all will be united with our loved ones again and again and agai..............  

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Comment by ZonDonis on April 18, 2018 at 3:09pm

I know, can't tell you how many nights while driving across country a few years ago that Art used to make just fly by when listening to him.

He will be sorely missed, that's for sure.

Comment by Enigma on April 18, 2018 at 9:09pm

Art was a special person. He never publicly humiliated others for their beliefs.

Comment by Angel Raynes on April 20, 2018 at 4:51am

I enjoyed his show very much and always appreciated the content he brought to us during a time when so much was hidden.


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