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As I wrote in my last post, our son, Aiden, was born 7 weeks premature on October 19th. We're still in The Children's Hospital in Denver, and will probably be here for at least another couple of weeks. I'm asking for healing energy to be sent for Aiden. He has nothing wrong with him, he's perfectly healthy, just early. Before he can go home, he has to learn to regulate his breathing and heartbeat on his own. He's not on any machinery of any kind, just a monitor, but his breathing and heartrate drops a couple of times a day. He has to stop that before he can go home. Also, he's being fed through an NG tube. It's a tube that goes through his nose and into his stomach. He's been nursing several times a day, but not enough to keep him going. So he needs to gain a little more strength so that he can nurse enough to be able to eliminate the NG tube.

And help that anyone can offer would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!!!
Debi, Aaron and Aiden.

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