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Okay, I am an inspiring Personal Cook in the "Mundane World" and the thing that I am having the most problems with is the "creation" of a menu. I have read a few articles here online, books and other stuff on how to do such a thing. ***sigh*** I have no issues doing all that they say to do......****double sigh**** My big problem is.........I don't want to have a menu like all the restaurants with the same food, and since I am still "young" at the PERSONAL COOK thing, I am getting up there in years on trying to "create" new items for a I thought I would look to the people of the "W W W" and see what I could come up with on FOOD IDEAS for my menu......of course I am asking your permission to use your suggestion on the menu......if I use it of course......... There's the thing......

If you could have ONE thing for BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER, what would it be? Say like if it was your last day on Mother Earth/GAIA, what would your last three meals be?.......if you want you can throw in a snack or two as well. I don't mind the variety of items either, vegan, vegetarian or meats. I do consider all the medical issues as well since I am a small heart patient myself (heart failure/high BP).

My last day meal **smile**



          Eggs Benedict

          Hash Browns

          Sausage (patty preferred)

          Fruit with sour cream & brown sugar


          Rueban with xtra Dressing (most places don't put enough on if any)

          Strawberry Spinach Side Salad



          Liver & Sauted Onions  (I can hear the "gags" now *S*)

          Loaded Baked Potato


          Big bag of Nut/Fruit Trail Mix



         Coffee/Sun Tea/Dr Pepper


Now if one wants to do a Magickal Day Menu for themselves, please feel free to do so. All I would ask is include recipes with  it if possible. Thank you in advance

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Comment by cluthin drew on March 31, 2018 at 12:09am

There are already many Magical menus to go on with! The Chinese Tradition has a whole therapeutic diets tradition as does the Indian Ayurvedic tradition and the Traditional Arabic medicine tradition. All of these may be regarded as magickal menus because the choice of foods is based on planetary, elemental and energetic considerations.

In the West there is the rainbow diet and the Anthroposophical diets which are also based on energetic considerations. In the English tradition, I would recommend a Cookbook called The closet by Sir Kenneth Digby who was cook to the court of Henry VIII since in his time astrological and energetic considerations were also part of the regular art of Cookery!

Comment by Osurdum on April 14, 2018 at 8:21pm

Below you'll find links to some books that might be helpful. They put together menus from the recipes in each section and might be inspirational. The last link, the Cunningham's, is another way of thinking about recipes and menus. 

The Wicca Cookbook

Witch in the Kitchen

Cooking by the Seasons

Cooking by Moonlight

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen


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