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Ayin ha'ra (evil eye) and the eye of ra/horus

In judaism you have both tov (good) and ra (evil) inside you. Some people may know, that judaism Has a lot of connections to the egyptian religion. So in egypt you have thoth (moon) and ra (sun). So why is the word for egyptian sun god depicted as evil in  judaism?

I might understand the answer. So even if I'm wrong, it is still an Interpretation.

So the sun god ra is depicted as a falcon or bird of prey. His most prominent symbol is an eye. You could describe that in many ways. Falcons have good eyes. The eye is a symbol of the sun, which causes sight and it flies along the sky like a bird.

When you now look at the moon, you have the eye of horus, that got destroyed by seth and then restored by thoth. It is like a blinded white eye.

So one eye sees reality and the other doesn't.

One is bright and the other less bright.

One is emotional and the other rational (thoth=knowledge/reason).

So when you are emotional your ego can be very small (depressed), or extremely big. Just like the Sun rising and falling.

I myself was very depressed and didn't experience value From others, when i was like that, i was eating bad stuff and didn't really care about my body.

The evil inclination (yetzer hara) leads to death/illness.

Right now i want to put value in my life. That is when my ego rose, but the problem was that i had no fear and was overrestimating myself.

I climbed a high cliff and fell down, literally.

Did you See these crazy guys climbing high buildings without any safety measures. They want to put value in their boring life. Some die. Yetzer hara allways leads to death.

Only when we have reason (thoth) in life, our ego can rise in a healthy way.

That is when you still climb the mountain, but Do it safe.

Put our values into balance and think rationable about our accomplishments and putdowns.

When you combine tov/thoth and ra, you get torah.

The solar eclipse looks like a human eye. The soul/sol doesn't shine through, yet the eye doesn't get blinded by reason like the moon.

The combination of body/matter=moon and soul/spark/life=sun creates a human being.

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Comment by Midrash on February 28, 2018 at 2:18pm

The evil eye or ayin ra is connected to the evil inclination.

Falcons jump off cliffs/trees and start to fly, but they have wings. Humans need to stay grounded so they don't jump cliffs aswell... Don't fly to high little icarus!


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