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So my husband (for those that don't know works as a deckhand and broke his finger his last trip) just got back from the doctors office. Great news his finger is healing and he can go back to work on lite duty!
Bad news, our propane tank reached 25%, we won't have enough to last the winter.
Bad bad news, his check was smaller then expected due to him having to leave early for his broken finger.
Critical news, the company he works for said they wont work him with a weight limit of 5lbs on his right hand.

So, looks like xmas is about to get really traditional, as well as the rest of our already frosty house.

This is what I get for not listening to instinct. I kept telling myself, you need to stock up on food and start learning to can and get prepared for things that are going to happen. You need to be one of those people that is prepared for any and everything. I ignored those sayings, figuring I would do it later. I'll have plenty of time. Now I'm suffering for it, and so is my family.

Looks like Ill be getting a few jobs to help make ends, ends meat.

Wish me luck. I hope my husband steps up to the plate and takes care of the home. hahah.

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