Materials Needed

- Bell (alternatively a rattle or sage incense)
- One White Candle
- One Black Candle
- Banishing Oil (alternatively, use any incense, especially frankincense)
- An item that fills you with Sacred Grace


Cleanse all tools with salt and water, consecrate in the name of your Patron God or Goddess (or to the Spirit or the Universe), bless with positive energy, and infuse with intent.

If using, anoint both your candles with the Banishing Oil.

Cast a Circle widdershins around the area that is to be exorcised, shaking your bell or rattle, or burning sage incense if that is your method of choice.

Return to the heart of the house, and call your Watchtowers (the Elements), asking them to help you fight.

Call any other Spirit helpers you work with (Spirit Animals, Spirit Guides, the Ancestors, the Fay Folk, etc.), asking them to help you fight.

Call on your patron God or Goddess, or to the Spirit or the Universe, asking them to help you fight.

State your name and your intent, and light your candles or incense at this point.

Ring your bell or shake your rattle, and sink into a meditative state while holding your sacred item, envisioning all dark energy and/or spirits being banished from the house in whatever way seems appropriate to you. Chant:

Malo spiritu, exies

(PRONOUNCED: malo spirit-oo ex-ee
MEANING: Evil Spirits, Get Out)

When the dark energy is gone, yell, “This is my house! You may not disturb me here any longer! Begone forever, spirits of malicious intent.”

Release your Spirits (and be sure to thank them for their presence) in the reverse order they were summoned, and close your circle, using your cleansing tool of choice once more (the bell, rattle, or sage).

Allow candles and incense to burn out completely if possible.

All evil spirits are now banished from your house!

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