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So I wanted to share this with everyone:


For a month now me and my BFF Meranda (more info about her in my "hero" section) have been writing letters to each other after we each moved back to our family homes. As in the title, one of our favorite movies is Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey. Its really fun and we both enjoy it. We look forward to them every day. Yeah, we write a lot considering for a while we spent literally every waking moment together and I was helping to raise her son Travis whom I've adopted as my own.  So its been hard not being by each other's side. Its been tradition that in each letter a small treasure be added. I love this little extra touch.


From this there is a new area of spellcraft we've been exploring and I'm finding it quite effective, interesting, and fun. Letter Spells! Its also very customizable to any sitch. A couple of noticeable setups and outlines have spawned from our trails.

The one-way spell - the work is performed by one person for the other and the essence is sent in the letter. written incantation and symbols, mojo bags, herb mixes, oils, etc can be included in the letter as well. this could easily be used to curse enemies as well.

The Duo Spell - Similar as the above, the intent is for the benefit of one person, but the work is split between the two. It is crafted by one, they do their half, send the letter with instructions, the other performs their half and receives the benefits. This is my fave.


The Two-Way Spell - Similar to the Duo Spell but the intent and benefit is for both participants. This can also be used as a unique way to perform long distance rituals. This one is typically a little harder to pull off because most of the time it would have to be performed in unison.


The Commission Spell - Basically the other person crafts the spell for you to perform. The benefit could be for anyone or anything.


Anywho, its a new area for me. So if anyone has info about letter spells, share. Knowledge is power! The more you know...

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