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It’s been a crazy day. It started out early with a man from Iraq. A very nice man by the way. Then when I was trying to get some sleep someone started banging on my door. But tonight, got really interesting. A pimp and two prostitutes moved into the room next to mine. One of the prostitutes tried selling me flesh. I told her I wasn’t interested in buying flesh. She was wearing lots of jewelry so I started buying her jewelry. She was very happy to sell it. Then she said she needed a ride to Houston so I called a friend that would take her to Houston. My friend and I were in her room playing with her cat and eating candy. Her pimp got back and blew a gasket. So, my friend and I went to my room. Next thing I know is the prostitute wanting me to take care of her cat while she was in Houston. I said okay, even though it is slightly feral, it was biting me on my face when I was in her room. But then the pimp blew up again and wouldn’t let her bring me the cat. The cops and fire department were also out here today.

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