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been a tough time of late but moving forward i hope not 10 steps back

nightmare after nightmare, picking up emotions confusing them with myn or the wrong person getting my head in a mess, im mess any how with the break up of myself and my boyfriend i start to get back on trake then he shows up and messes my head up but this time something is different i feel stronger same with my nightmares iv started to fight back, maybe i grewn some streghth i never had before. im organised for samhain so their something good, iv been off trake with my daily meditations, but not alone some sighns in my dreams and in my daily life whitch im so greatful for reminding me to try to not lose focus, i had been part of an online coven but this was just not the right time, i found so hard to do my study and keep up with everyone with time zone being different, i burn the candel at each end. i have learned i like being solitary beause i cant handel authoriteral type strutcher so was not for me, i did learn knew things and areas i could do with books to widen my knowledge but as always im in a rush to learn this that and cant consontrate on one thing at a time, which is my personality even they way i talk at times them train trakes keep jumping lol, looking forward to samhain as i have no idea of my ansesters i went out got some gothic frames and i drew the people i see in my dreams who say they are related looks good just need to soak in tea or coffee now, couldnt get hold of a mirror but my obsidian large stone necklase will do its of an gothic astez style, my ox bone skull braslet i plan to use for decoration along with my resin skull few other bits as well but im going for simple alter look, i plan to do a meditation during my ritual, how im setting up im not sure as for a meditation i cant sit crossed leged due to poor circulation so i need to be sat feet up, i do tend to use my main alter or set my large round table up or even a coffee table, i will have to give this more thort. i have plans for my children their off trick or treating then a haloween tea plus a dumb serving. should think i will be running to shop for last min bits lol

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