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You have seen it all before

and needed no holy shrine

for your blood was of the earth

and will be once again

Her words

were softly spoken

as She bestowed

four gifts


In my right hand

a blade of red

blood - red


In my left hand

a ball of fire

flames intense


On my left shoulder

a proud raven

observer of the ages


On the right of my chest

a spiral pressed into my skin

absorbed and faded


As I knelt before Her

head bowed in reverence

I felt the shift


All that had passed

all that is now

all that will be


My soul has returned

to this weakened body

the trauma mine to own


Yet in that trauma

I have paused

painfully grown


Her words

so softly spoken

reminded me I have returned home


I no longer yearn

for death to silence

chaotic hours


I no longer kneel

before the daggers

of life


I kneel only to Her

graced by Her strength

will rise

Poetry ©2017 Vicki Ruth Kent

Image by Vicki Ruth Kent

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