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I'm feeling more like my usual chipper energetic self today! Getting a good night's rest helped. No more dizzies or vertigo, just stomach pain thanks to the moon phase. Other then that, I'm feeling pretty great. Taking precautions to avoid toxins seems to make a big difference. Have to work today 11-6pm. But I'm not worried. It will go fine! What happened over the weekend is over and done with, today is a new day and now I know what to expect. If I start to feel overwhelmed and need a breather, I'll let my co-worker know and step out for a few minutes. Just gotta make sure I don't abandon them, particularly during rush hour. I'm going to see how the work environment effects me in other ways too: pay attention to the lighting, how the machinery affects me, the various smells. Hopefully my environment isn't too damaging for me. So far this is the only job I could find. And I really like my co-workers! Even the one everyone else hates. I think she's sweet and charming. ^^

I guess the bright side of being an empath is knowing how to read people and the best way to interact with them. If you know what rubs them the wrong way, you know to avoid it. I just worry my chipperness might get annoying.

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