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Here is some scriptures about  dual souls.the Ray Children (Children of the Breath) were Breathed Forth from the Very Breath of God, in order to serve the Father-Mother God and their younger Brethren, they did not Manifest on the Earth Plane. Their Home being on the Heights of Atlantis, within the Divine Spheres.Dhuman Adamic means those who ARE Twice ~ Born; Once from the Very Breath of God ~ known as a Ray Child ~ and then Birth (incarnation) within a dense physical body on Planet Earth. The Earth World having come into being aeons of time after life in the Divine Spheres. Post 2012 has allowed Lighter physical bodies to manifest as awareness of the Higher Realms and the purpose of the individual Soul undergoes emergence as the Veils between worlds become thinner and memories begin to surface of the Blueprint accepted as an incarnated Being of Light. There were, and are, myriad Planets, Worlds and Star Systems whose Beings are known and recognised in many different ways. The Star Beings from these Star Systems and Galaxies have also assisted in the Evolution of Earth and its people.However, Humanity now is undergoing a Rise in Consciousness, and as Ascension is both experienced and undertaken –post 2012 – it will be possible to return to The Father-Mother God as it WAS in the Beginning of Time.Spiritual Man ~ Woman made Manifest in Perfect Divine Consciousness.Male ~ Female; able to separate at Will or remain as ONE Complete Whole : Two Beings Manifested as ONE.

The dialogue all about how an individual reacts to pressure,anxiety constricted by a series of sentences consumed fuming overwhelming onslaughts,too much of anything is bad for you or me anybody,so it is clear an atmosphere of intense nothingness like drowning in water to start something then hesitate causes friction there must be a basis to any conversation the subject has expired time to face reality which spells out rational thinking building a pathway,an everyday conversation which is broken into paragraphed emotions,making sense of nonsense confusion reins over all else governed by physical limitations,it worries me your mentality the very thought of me causes you anxiety so what should i say or do,the logical can sometimes be evil to make an effort and achieve a goal is not easy especially when surrounded by static artificial telepathy radio frequencies,so i need someone deeply but to do nothing when faced with confusion freeze in fear as a spider waiting until much later
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The internet can bring out the worst in people, which when taken to extremes turns into trolling—that bizarre impulsive hab researchers were looking for particular traits including social skills, psychopathy, sadism, and two types of empathy: affective and cognitive. Having high cognitive empathy simply means they can understand others’ emotions. Having high affective empathy means a person can experience, internalize, and respond to those emotions. The “trolls” in the study scored higher than average on two traits: psychopathy and cognitive it of hurting others online,an empathic strategy of predicting and recognising the emotional suffering of their victims

The Dragonfly & the Native North American Indians

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Police open their X-files on UFO

f retired and serving police officers are risking ridicule by coming forward to tell all about their alleged encounters with UFOs.

Pole-sitter, an angel on earth; Angels: Day 231



itter, an angel on earth; Angels: Day 231



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