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Candle Spell to forgive a friend by lady Raven Avalon - level beginner

With regard to forgiving a friend:

Forgive a friend Candle Spell: Level Starter

You will need
x1 white candles – for neutrality and forgiveness
x1 pink candle – for friendship
x1 blue candle – for healing
A small pink silk ribbon
A small white silk ribbon
Rose or Jasmine Incense Stick
x1 Pin or needle


(cast a magickal circle if you can) and if you have an altar do this spell in your sacred space)

Meditate and focus your intent on forgiveness and visualize your friend
Etch your friends name into the pink candle
Etch your name into the blue candle
Light all of the candles and the incense
Invoke the God and the Goddess – ask them to help you during your ritual
Looking into the flame of the white candle allow yourself to go into a light trance and visualize your friend and you having a great time and feel the fun you once experienced.
Imagine the candles flame burning away any trouble you have in your relationship
Take both ribbons and wind them together and visualize forgiveness, a new start and bringing your relationship back together
When you do this you now tie the woven ribbons around the bottom of the white candle and meditate on total forgiveness
Feel both of your energies freeing negativity, hostility or whatever broke your friendship now floating away with the smoke of the candles.
Allow the candles to burn half way and blow them out and then
Thank the Goddess and God for attending and helping work your ritual
Open your magickal circle.

© Lady Raven Avalon


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