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All through time people have used candles in ceremonies, rituals,
spells, worship, or to simply light a darkened cave or room. Today all
people from all walks of life use candles. Look at the altar of any
Christian church and you will find candles on and around the altar.
The use of candles in a Christian church originates from Pagan
ceremonies, rituals or spells. Many people will burn a candle because
it is soothing. Below is a table of correspondences for candles and

Love, sexual lust & passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage,
strength, radiant health.

Symbolic of the Sun, it is a color of great power, enthusiasm,
fun, vitality, stimulation, adaptability, attraction and friendship.
Use for bringing success, or to draw/attract good things and friendly people.

Used for clairvoyance, learning, mind, aid memory and communication.

This color is symbolic of nature and material gain, as well as
growth whether it be material or spiritual.

Blue is often thought of as the color of the sky or the ocean.
Both have strong healing qualities. Thus this color is good to use for
healing, meditation, tranquility and forgiveness.

Use this color in your candle(s) to enhance and improve
intuition, dignity, wisdom, idealism, psychic manifestation and spirit
contact, spirituality and psychic awareness.

White is often thought of as the color of purity in all things.
Use white candles for protection, peace, sincerity, White is the
balanced presence of all colors.

Pink is actually the combination of red and white. Uses include
enhancing or increasing love, friendships, spiritual fulfillment,
affection and harmony.

use this color to enhance awareness or assist in meditation.
Black Use this color for protection, the absorption and destruction
of negative energy, and banishings of all kinds.

Gold is symbolic of the male God energy in all living things.
Use to promote good fortune.

This is the color of the soil beneath your feet. Use to attract
money and financial success, or to attract the Earth Spirits.

Silver (Light Gray)
Symbolic of stability and female Goddess energy.
Use to banish evil influences, or to neutralize any current
undesirable vibrations. Use with meditation to aid the development of
psychic developments and ESP.

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