Please read the following message carefully and decide if you would like to become a messenger of LOVE and PEACE as well. It depends on us how many people will be informed about what's going on. Copy the text, send it to your friends and acquaintances, post it on other sites, use your networking capabilities so everyone can participate in this event - if not in person, let's join in SPIRIT and spread the message that it's TIME to ACT for PEACE!.

Remember - we are ONE - we are connected - we are LOVE and LIGHT and PEACE if we choose so ...

Contact: Sonja Myriel at

Latin American crusade - Open Invitation

Uniting frontiers for PEACE on our Planet

Expanding Consciousness in UNITY

As World Peace has not been achieved by any organization or corporation yet, we have decided that it is time to make a united effort to spread universal Love, Light and Peace in our World.

As a first step we founded NETWORKS of PEACE, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), which is aided by the foundation La Banca Territorial (

In the face of the growing impact of global warming and demographic changes on our planet and the resulting paradigm shift, we have decided to call this Organization into life, inviting everyone, people of all the different social classes, to affiliate themselves to a March through Latin America which will start out on March 24, 2010, Day of Justice, Memory and Pardon, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, until reaching Mexico. Thus, we will march through Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá ...

Networks of Peace activates and promotes this big Caravan for Peace through Latin America manifesting from Spirit Source creating a route of connection and integration of Peace in a confluence of conscience, spreading Love, Peace and Light throughout the whole world, in order to contribute to the AWAKENING of Mankind.

Mario Cannas, who dedicates all his time to sperading Christ message and cosnciousness in this new time, is guided in this gesture of Peace uniting events (conferences, reunions, brotherhoods in all the different places) which act as initiators of light.

We, the organization Networks of Peace, hope that this call will resonate within many, opening doorways to facilitate the meeting of nations.

If you are part of any type of institution, media, press, company or group or if you simply want to help us, this is what you can do:

* Call on everyone along the route to go outside and join us in this Big Spiritual Crusade for Peace
* Receive us along the way, organizing a place for a talk or conference
* Provide logistic help
* Spread the word in whatever way you can think of to help activate Human Consciousness, to help Mankind wake up

* Donations:

Banco Nación de la República Argentina, office Mosconi
Recipient: Armando Mario Cannas
CBU 0110101630010100598047
SWIFT, NACNARBA CBU 0110101630010100598047

Dear brohters and sisters, we need your help on our way through Latin America in order to manifest the Light, Peace and Universal LOVE not only here but throughout the world.

We are looking forward to your participation …

Mario Cannas


PLEASE SPREAD THE MESSAGE so everyone can participate if not physically, so at least in SPIRIT!
As I translated this text, it depends on us how many people will gain knowledge and be informed!


Sonja Myriel

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