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Casting a Draconian Circle

From Gandalf Sol Luna Terra's Book of Shadows

Go to the East of your magickal space; and with
wand in hand, draw your magick circle starting
in the East and ending in the East, all the while moving
in a clockwise direction. Now begin
visualizing along your circle flames rising high
from the ground.
While Visualizing the flames say aloud:
"By Dragon Power, this circle is sealed"!
Return to the altar, point the wand at your pentacle
and say:
Dragons of Spirit, highest of Dragons and most powerful,
bless this altar with your fire, Let us be one in Magick, O' Dragons great
and wise!
Set a Chalice filled with distilled water on the Pentacle.
With wand in hand circle the chalice 3 times clockwise and say:
Air, Fire, Earth, Bring
power forth! Water of land and sea
purified be!
Hold the chalice up and say:
Draconis, Draconis, Draconis!
Now sprinkle the water from the chalice lightly around the circle beginning and ending in the East.
Now set a dish of Sea Salt
on the Pentacle. Circle it 3 times clockwise
with the wand and say:
Water, Air, Fire, hear my desire!
Salt of Earth and Sea, Purified be!
Sprinkle a few grains of salt to each corner of the (altar)
Circle your incense burner 3 times with the wand and say:
Fire of Dragons,
Fire of Earth,
You are Purified,
Bring Power Forth!
Circle the incense burner clockwise 3 more times with wand
and say:
Incense magickal, incense bold.
Awake the Dragons of old, I 
call you purified!
Touch the Pentacle lightly with the incense burner.
Then lift it high over the altar and say:
Draconis, Draconis, Draconis!
Then carry the incense burner clockwise around your magick circle beginning and
ending in the East. Return it to the altar.
Kneel before the altar with the wand in both hands and mentally dedicate
yourself to the study of Dragon Magick and Lore. Project
your interests and love of Dragons as strongly as you can. Continue this
for several minutes. Then rise, Point the wand at the at the Pentacle and say:
Behold all Dragons and rulers of Dragons, I am (Gandalf Sol Luna Terra), I am a Wizard who seeks Dragon Magick! With my Wand in hand, I enter the realm of Dragons, not for physical battle,
but for knowledge and power! I greet you, O' Dragons ancient and wise, and await
your blessing and guidance.
Continue holding the want outstretched until you feel the Dragons blessings.
When the power of the blessing has lessened, lower the wand still holding your wand in your hand, take the Pentacle in your other hand and go to the East of your circle. Point the want and hold up the Pentacle facing outward. Draw an invoking Pentagram and say:
Fram Sairys, ruler of
the Eastern Dragons
Fair, Comes now the
wonderous power of
Feel the power of the Air enter your body.
Now move on to the South of your circle and point your wand and draw an invoking Pentagram and hold your pentacle
outward again and say:
From Fafnir, ruler of 
Dragons of the South,
Comes Cleansing fire
from Dragons mouth!
Feel the power of fire enter your body.
Now move to the west of your magick circle with the wand in hand point to the west draw another invoking Pentagram and hold out your Pentacle outward again and say:
From Naelyan, ruler of
Dragons of the West,
comes the power of
water, 3 times blessed!
Draw into yourself the power of water. Now go to the North of your circle Hold up the Pentacle and Draw again another invoking Pentagram with your wand and say:
Frome Grael, ruler of
the Northern Dragons,
the power of Earth
does now come forth!
Draw into yourself the power of the Earth. Return to the altar. Set aside the Wand and Pentacle, add your herbal incense to the burner.
(At this point in the ritual insert the proper chants and workings for the spells or meditations you have chosen)
When finished with the spell, tap your wizard's staff 3 times on the ground and chant:
I thank you, Dragons old and wise, of Earth and Fire, Water and Skies, for sharing wisdom here with me. As we will, so shall it be!
Set the chalice on the Pentacle, Circle it 3 times clockwise with the wand and say:
Cup of Power,
Cup of Might,
Dragon Magick,
Be here this night!
Now drink the contents of the chalice leaving just enough to be poured on the ground, but if your altar is inside you home leave it on the Pentacle for a full hour.
Now is a good time to chant and use Free-Form dance. Invite the Dragons in the raised energy and Joy.
To close the ritual, take the wand to the East and draw a banishing Pentagram and say:
Go in peace Dragons of the East. And Return again in Ritual Hour!
Do this for all 4 directions.
Return to the altar. Raise both arms and say:
Farewell to you, O' Dragons Fair, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air!
Together we make Magick well by power deep and Dragon Spell.
In peace go now. Return once more. To teach me magick and ancient Lore.
Draconis, Draconis, Draconis!
Cut the circle with a backward sweep of the wand across the boundary of the circle's line.
Extinguish alter candles and clear the altar of altar tools.
Your Dragon Magick has been done.

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