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Cat's Bits 6-1/6-7 The Divine Feminine

Cat's Bits for the Week of June 1 - June 7

June 10 Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins

June 13 Full Moon at 12:11 am EST

June 14 Flag Day

June 15 Father's Day

June 21 Mid Summer/ Summer Solstice

June 27 New Moon at 4:08 am


Thought for the Week:

Nature is...something indispensable, like air and light and water, that we accept as necessary to living, and the nearer we can get to it the happier we are.

~ Louise Dickenson Rich


Article for the Week:

The Divine Feminine
by Gloria Amendola & Don Martin
May 2014

Spring, and especially April and May, is a time when religions and communities all around the globe celebrate the bursting forth of new life, the restoration and return of fertile fields, and the delight of sexual propagation. April celebrates Easter - and Astarte, the goddess of fertility; May celebrates Mother's Day. Beneath the rituals, traditions and beliefs is a principle that is recognized and experienced by every one - and every thing - that is alive on planet Earth.

What is this principle? It is the principle of the Divine Feminine. What does it mean when someone praises the divine feminine? Or when someone says the divine feminine is the way to healing and enlightenment? Or that the divine feminine is reawakening our world at this time, heralding a return to higher frequencies of light and thought?

The answer is simple. The divine feminine is the goddess in all traditions, and has been since the beginning of time. These traditions are a mystical, magical, powerful, part of primal Mother Earth. They symbolize balance and healing, renewal and restoration.

Ultimately, the "divine feminine" is the personification of the feminine principle at work in nature, in humanity and in the universe. So what is the feminine principle? It is principle is the principle of Life Becoming Manifest and works in partnership with the masculine principle (which we will explore next month).

The masculine principle can be seen in pollen...the fertilizing particles that are disseminated from male plants. The feminine principle is seen in fertilization, when pollen is received by a female flower and begins the process of creating a new life.

Simply put, her principles are ones of receiving, nurturing, of love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity (bringing forth/manifesting), forgiveness, healing, and wisdom.

The feminine listens to the truths of the Universe through insight and intuition, and incorporates those truths into its own life force. As those truths converge with the essence of the feminine, new life (new vision, new power, new compassion, new mission) is conceived. It is nurtured with the feminine through insight resulting in creativity. And because it is the Source of this new life, it experiences love, forgiveness, and wisdom for its survival.

The feminine principle is not just active in is experienced in male and female. It is a universal principle that transcends gender, species, race and nationality. We can even see the feminine principle at work in the distant stars and galaxies in our universe. The feminine principle is not confined to planet earth!!

Whatever your beliefs and choice of traditions are, whether She appears to you as Ishtar or Mari, Gaia or Quan Yin, as the great Mother Mary or Magdalene; as one of the pantheon of goddesses from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa or the Middle East, to the cults of the Black Madonna; whether she is spun from one of the archetypes of the indigenous tribes, such as Spider Woman, the divine feminine is still the primordial She who creates from a central source.

The qualities and characteristics of the goddess are woven into this web that transcend time and place. All models of the divine feminine spring from this matrix.

The Goddess is our primary life force on the planet. If we don't utilize the love, nurturing, understanding, and kindness of the divine feminine within all of us, we will not survive. We need this essence to return balance to our world, our bodies, and our lives.

We need to remember her ways, these ways of the divine feminine, so we can expand our conscious awareness and focus on global issues in dispute. We need the Great Mother to lead us and teach us, so we can find new ways to resolve old issues and enter into peaceful co-existence with each other.

The life force of the divine feminine is the spark that will help us ignite a deeper spiritual, technological, and biological transformation. Her sustainability is our survival.

Gloria Amendola is a psychic intuitive and teacher.  You can learn more about her by visiting her website,

Don Martin, a native of Atlanta, has traveled extensively in this world and others. He is a family man, poet, musician, mystic, writer, photographer, and a metaphysical practitioner. He's the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO of Aquarius Media Network.

Brightest blessings for a magical week!



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