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Catalina is a young woman twenty five years old . She lives in small farming Christian place in Texas . Catalina family is English . they came from Camelford England and settle in the united states . Catalina comes from a long pagan faith family line . Catalina is five foot and seven inch's tall with her long legs to the seventh heaven and slender body. She is a knock out beauty. Her green eyes, pale skin , pink lips and she has long curly natural red hair. Catalina could of been a model but she did not want to live her life that way. In Catalina eyes she did not see her self has beauty queen. She didn't realize how amazingly she was . IF she could of only notice how men stared at her maybe then she would see what others saw. Catalina was so much more than beauty on the out side she was beautiful on the inside too. Her personality was kind and generous willing to help all in need . Catalina loves to help people with their emotions and she is beautifully hearted at it. She believed firmly in karma and she wants to make sure she is in good standing for her future lives. Catalina believes in fair justice and wants every one to be treated fairly . Catalina thought to her self how wrong hated  world could sometimes be . It broke her heart about the hungry and her goddess situation . Catalina wants no more than to live in a loving peaceful world where hate was not a word. She wants acceptance for her beliefs and she is determine to find such place even if it means she has to go to end of earth to find it. Catalina has big dreams of moving far away from Texas. Catalina wants to find a place she feels about a wonderful  home . She wants to find a Wicca and pagan community where she can be free to live her witchy life. 

This Texas  place was not for Catalina her heart was so much into pagan ways. Catalina wants to leave panhandle Texas for all the right reasons. Catalina dreams and do spells for it to come true . She hungers for the chance to explore her craft with others. Catalina was tired of being a solitaire witch. Catalina wants so much to find her coven so that she can do so much more in her witchy ways . She dreams of a lover that would have her same beliefs and love her to the fullest . She search's for the sisterhoods and brotherhoods but there is no luck under the Texas Christian  skies . She only found a small coven of woman once that never really took off . Catalina knows there is no more in the bigger cities . She also knew they where not completely accepted. Catalina is tired of feeling like a outsider and wants to belong. She knows this will never happen in Panhandle Texas.  In Catalina heart she wants to move out of panhandle and leave her past behind . She wants to run and run till she has no more time . Catalina prays she will find the place she could grow old  and call her true home. She yearns for balance in her life. Catalina big dreams is all she can think about. Every goal was aimed to making them come true. It was a big world with many cultures and the Goddess was alive in any religions. Catalina knew her dreams where possible she just need to find in her self the strength to make them happen.
Catalina is making herbal recipes for the shop she plans to open. Catalina loved her God and Goddess. She loved being a witch. Catalina believes in the unity of male and female energies. She also believe in unity for the universal force . Catalina believes that each one of us has a divine essence inside of us . It is the spirit soul. She believes in reincarnation , the spirit world  and physic powers . Catalina believes in karma and believe in responsibility and consequences . She always strive for peace world by loving the land and its natural powers . She  celebrate eight sabbats from wheel  of the year. One is shadow fest which marks the beginning and end of year . Catalina would search all year long for witchs so they could meet in the country to hold a supper of moon shaped cakes . They would dance and sing naked has a sign they are free from the restrictions of social class. This was done in honor of Diana. It is a celebration that happens October thirty first .  Catalina has not been able to achieve this desire . Another one of Catalina's favorites is to celebrate La Fiesta dell’ Inverno , Winter Solstice which is celebrated the days of the twenty first and twenty second of December . Its a celebration of the Goddess Giving birth to the sun God.

It is march and spring is about to begin . This is Catalina's crafty time of year. She is great at creating the perfect alters during these times , so full of magic and wonder. Catalina loves new beginnings and the sun was being born. She is getting ready to celebrate Ostara which is a lot like Easter . Catalina does not  want to hide her beliefs but it was the only way she could celebrate freely. Catalina has been a witch since she was nine. Her first experience was talking to the moon every night. Back then she called the moon the man in the moon. By the time Catalina was a teen she had become a believer of the triple goddess moon . She  research everything she could about moon magic and the old ways of family traditions .She was very eager to learn . Spells and potion fascinated Catalina to her very waking being . Catalina's aunt started to teach her kitchen magic when she was nine. Catalina's mom Sheryl was a strong Christian woman who did not like what her sister Becky was teaching her daughter Catalina . they had fought over it several times with no results. Sheryl could not keep Catalina from learning and becoming a witch. Catalina had it set in heart . Catalina's mom was not the only one who tried to keep Catalina from learning the arts. The town she lived in was very much a Christian living. Catalina was a natural herb and vegan food healer . she tries to help her neighbors have a healthy body and emotions for life . Some would call Catalina a reiki healer . This practice is not well excepted . Catalina wants to improve their lives, She tries to show her online witch pagan group for her healing ways Some people see's her ways others ignore her ways Catalina continues to post things on healing blogs . She knew someone some where would need to hear what she had to say. By doing her Group chance to heal, she also healed her broken spirit and she became fully alive in the light .She craved for her affirmations and law of attraction quotes . Catalina went from child like woman to embracing woman hood on her journey . She discovered who she really is and she got rid of the personality society life turn her into. Catalina awoke and she has become alert to her woman power. She feels she can manifest her desires into reality. The Goddess flows deeply in Catalina and the witch side is awake up strongly. Some gifts of site she tries to erase to fit into the normal beautiful. Catalina was amazing physic . she can feel energies all around . Catalina could feel the vibes coming from others . Some would say she is stealing peoples energies . Catalina did not want what she could feel. It sadden her deeply and the healer in her worked harder to stop the hurt of the people . Catalina always thinks of others . Her heart is so big and she needs to fill it with loving excepting energies . Catalina thought her blogs would let others see the world to hear how she thought it was broken and she desperately wants the people to heal and fix it . Catalina can hear the cries of the Goddess and mother earth. It  shatters Catalina to no end . Catalina tries hard to focus on the beauty of things in the world , but every time she search she come across the broken part of it. 

Catalina wants to start her new journey . The rest would unfold in time. Catalina has plans to do a ritual and spell for spring. The rituals will be done to mark a turning pointing in Catalina's life. The purpose was to bring change about and around Catalina. to empower her goals and start a new beginning. this was perfect timing to do a travelers spell for a new moon intent .
Catalina will first cleanse her working space and set up her alter. Catalina was crafty and made her self a map out of cloth to represent the journey that she would be taking . Then she made a wheel to represent the time of year she would be leaving Panhandle Texas. Catalina laid the seven moon stones for travel around in a circle on the alter cloth and made a circle with salt around her scared space leaving opening till she entered to do her magic. Catalina's space was ready for her spell. Catalina was planning to do her ritual spell during the witching hour twelve pm to three am . Catalina had a few things to prepare for on this march seventeen 2018 New moon. It would be the start of her amazing journey to find the coven of her dreams .

Catalina's starts preparing her new moon spell. Catalina needed to prepare the herbs and spices , white candles , alter and write her spell before she could do her magic. First Catalina started to make a pumpkin spice for luck. She got cinnamon ,nut meg ,ground clove ,all spice, and ground mace. She started to mix a teaspoon of all . She knew it was more than she needs to make the spice for cooking but she would not be using the spice for that, it was for magical uses only. Has Catalina was mixing she was setting the luck intent for her money and moving journey . She wants it to be safe and protected. She needed it to stretch and return to her. The spice was made for gambling luck and Catalina was known to play the slots a time or two. Catalina plans to stop off at her uncles casino to make a few bucks for the trip . Catalina would take her bills and roll them into the spice mixture to bring luck . Catalina had saved twenty two thousand five hundred ninety six dollars and fifty cents for her new life. It was a start but she knew it would take more. That's why Catalina would chance only five hundred on the slots and no more . She believed in the charm of the spice that it would double or triple her money. Catalina also planned to work a couple weeks for her uncle Todd .Todd said she could bring in couple of thousands dollars a night in tips. Catalina was excited because she could make another twenty thousand dollars during that stay .Todd was a wealthy business man who had owned five casinos around and in Albuquerque New Mexico . It was five hours from where Catalina lived . She could be there in the first day of her travel and start work the next day. It was the best start of her new life . She would be working at the Mystic Witchy Casino .Catalina planed to leave three days after her spell was set in motion.

Next Catalina charged some of the items she be using ,a compass and moon stones , Angel coins , and basil herb . Catalina made a charm bag to carry the items in. The bag was made of gypsy cloth with colors of red purple and pink. Catalina sowed many different color of beads on the rim of the opening bag. She loved how the charm bag made her feel warm ,loved ,and protected. The compass and moon stone where for safe travel, the Angel coins for love and protection. The basil was to keep evil at bay. Catalina would carry the charm bag on her the whole trip. she believed in the power of talismans energy. She felt the charms already working but she wants to charm them with pacific intent of her travel ways. She would be traveling alone and it could present some dangers, so she took extra precautions to keep her self safe , Catalina didn't want to get lost on this amazing journey . Has Catalina charges the items she thought in her mind what each one would do. The compass would always lead her in the right direction and the shortest root . Catalina would be calling on the angel Natiel for he has the power to ward off evil and Catalina would be calling Urpaniel who is an angel from the East whose name is used in magic charms. Catalina favorite angel was Michael because he has been with her since she was little , protecting her for the evil men she met in life . Michael gave Catalina strength to fight back. Michael was know has the angel who fought evil with good. Catalina believed in the Christian God , but not the way the bible taught . The God she believed in loved all his people and religions . Some would say Catalina's beliefs where twisted but she didn't care because it was about her faith and it was no choice for others .Now  was time for Catalina to begin to write the spell and dress the three white candles . She carved symbols of the goddess into the candle wax with her name . She made sure everything was perfect for the ritual spell. Now she just needed the words to flow easy to her . Has she starts to write, the words flowed I am bound for more. May the compass lead me to the right doors .May the angels sing and bless this place leaving love upon my face . Protection is mine and travel is time . This spell is fix once I reach knot of six. So mote it be three times three.

Catalina begins her spell by lighting the first candle has she starts to meditate putting her mind at ease and getting rid of all negative emotions with smudge. Catalina is ready for the spell to begin. She would soon light the other two candles and start doing a chant, asking the Goddess for her helping hand and the four corners to protect her from evil spirits and evil man. Catalina began chanting I am bound for more. Catalina chanted her heart out till she felt the witch's energies rise inside her . Has I travel near and travel far, keep me safe in your heart . here I go there they leave the past that has shattered me is now set free . She called the watch towers of the east bring to me peace of mind. Catalina call the west for the spirits to rest. Then she called the fire of the south to engulf her fiery spirit to take her higher . lastly she calls to the north I plant this spell  for seed to grow ..By knot a one the spell begun . IT was a stormy night and lighting struck close and the rain started to flow . She called out the words Bound for more . Energies started to rise taken the spell higher. bang , bang crash the thunder roared . Catalina started to dance and soar she felt the spell roar with her intent . The rain began to come down hard Catalina rushed out side in the rain to wash all the negative that remained . Catalina then stare at the sky asking the heavens to help her find her perfect life . Catalina stayed out side till the rain slowed down,  Catalina waited for the answer to come  swiftly . the feeling  flowing deep inside her third eye. Bound for all your dreams the spell is fixed . She knew then the spell was complete.

Catalina got so excited because her life was about to change for the good. Catalina would be taking a journey to the top of USA to New York to get on ship to the Atlantic ocean to go Europe . She had gotten her past port just weeks ago and she saved for a work visa . Catalina could not wait to start her new life in England. Catalina would be leaving in three days for the longest journey she has ever taken . Has the spell came to a end Catalina thank her Goddess and began closing the circle has she released the four quarters by moving in each directions . Then Catalina begin grounding her energies. Catalina had made a cinnamon cake and bought some strawberry wine . Catalina ate a piece of cake and drank all the wine she began to settled down for the night. The storm was ending and the soft gentle rain started to put Catalina to sleep. She was ready for she wants to know what she would dream. Catalina hoped more insight would come.  Catalina started to drift off and she thought about the people she hopes she would be meeting on this trip . Catalina would be on the trip a month before she would complete her journey to the new place . Catalina had no idea where she wanted to go in England . Catalina had plans to travel to a few places before deciding . She hoped her Goddess would give her sighs . Catalina began to dream of her house she would fine. She wants it to be two bedroom so she could have a witch's room and she wants the house to have a large green house . Catalina had a green thumb and she loved to garden . Catalina started to think of everything she wanted to grow has she fell a sleep.

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