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Change is a good thing and I don't mean physical change. I am talking about the kind that jingles.Yes, nickels and dimes or even pennies.

A Few months back I was at my daughters and saw change all over the yard, under chairs and on furniture and I could not help but to say "My Lord, you could get rich picking up all this change!". My daughters reply was"It is only pennies!". Needless to say that was my que to lecture on the value of a dollar, 20 nickels, 10 dimes or 100 pennies (My kids hate to get me started).

Later at home I started to notice my own little piles of change lying on chest of drawers, dryer, counters, tables etc.

I felt my mout fill up with my foot (Thank God no one was there to see that!). I did not have any right to preach. I gathered up a few cans with lids and planted them in various parts of my house. Everytime I picked up or ended up with change I tossed into one of the cans.I cleaned out both my cars and found a mother lode of pennies.

Yes. I was taking my oun advice for a change.

Four monthes later I had accumulated over $30. I took all that change to my bank and cashed it in. There was no charge for the service so I came away with all my money, a whole $31.19. This paid for my cleaning supplies and cat food.

I was so proud of myself. This was like free money with no real effort.

My son-in-law is doing this now and encouraging the kids to do the same. They can already see the benefit.

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