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I have had this feeling before. Being lost in a world that really doesn't understand me much less itself. I have been walking a fine line between the light, & the shadows for more lifetimes then I care to remember. The Love of the Sun always being denied by the jealousy of the moon. I hear the voices of my past haunt these opens fields, & I feel the limits of the shackles that hold me to this dark prison. I have learned throughout my stay here to use the shadows without being totally consumed by them. I use their power to protect me from anyone that would do me harm, & the power of the light to keep my heart, & soul pure for the one I love most. I am tormented by the distance between me, & my love. So close yet so far. Always within reach without ever touching. My heart is locked away from the rest of the world, & the only one that holds the key is the one that Loves me the Purest, & the Strongest. My love completes the other half of my soul, & give my heart the beat it needs to keep going in this crazy mixed Hell we're all in.

At night when the voices are no more then a hum in my in the far distance I'm able to be with my true love. In the dream realm anything is possible. It's the safest place to release what you can't show the outside world. In dreams there's no judgment from other that just can't seem to leave well enough alone. In dreams we are not looked down upon because of how we feel, & how we came to be in the situation that we're in. I'm free to tell my love everything that my heart desires, & so much more. I'm able to touch the power of true love, & look into the very eyes that reflect my soul back to me. I always feel of happiness that is more powerful then anything that I've ever felt before in my life. With just one thought I can feel my Loves hands caress my skin, kiss my lips, & wrap his warm protective arms around me. I feel the safety, & serenity that love has to offer.

I'm use to this hell. At times its actually a comforting place as long as you know how to use the power correctly. Even though I can't be with my love just yet. I know that I will get there. Thanks to the love that I have found I know that anything is possible. I don't care how many lifetimes it takes when I will finally get to the point in my life when the jealous moon will release me from its spell I will be with the love of my life, & there will never be anyone to come between us. A warrior for love that's been banished to the Shadows.

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