Commercial consumer products useful in magick.

As the persons who follow or read my blog I like making my own supplies. But on the odd occassion I sometimes buy a store/shop product.

The most known being Florida water. I bought  the Lanman & Kemp, a chinese brand Butterfly sold at oriental grocery shops  and a bottle Benjamins made in Jamaica sold in UK, all 3 smelled different. The L & K is I think the best one. But I do prefer how it smelled back in the 60's and 70's when they  used natural real essential oils. 

Pears soap from that era had also real Frankincense e.o. and was a very protective soap back then. Pears soap nowadays is a faint shadow of its former self.

From faraway Korea I ordered mugwort soap brand Amore Pacific and that is a very good mugwort soap with the mugwort qualities.

From UK I bought a lavender/lemon sleep balm from Anatomicals brand. Very good for sleep and relaxation.

I have been looking at Lush products online but so far have not bought anything yet, some of their stuff might be useful in magick workings.

Doing google searches for others who use shop bought products I came accross someones blog that mentions lots of brands, was a hoodoo blog do not remember the name of it. She mentions HEM incense sticks, Lush, Florida water, etc.

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Comment by Beryl on December 28, 2016 at 4:10am

With Xmas gifts I got some Hem incense sticks as a gift.Honey-Rose, Peach and Sage.

If anyone has other Hem incenses, which do you have?


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