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In light of the news coverage of the suicide of the young man, in Vancouver, and some things that have been going on in my life, have made me see the shadows in a loved one, and it occures to me, given my own penchant for the shadows, Why do we choose to continue?
I do not fear death and it can be such an easy thing to do, why continue?

Because I am here, I breathe, my heart pumps blood, and this is not my life to end, I am a child of the gods, my life is theirs.
Also this life is pretty good, it has it's amazing moments and those moments are so,...... I don't even know the word to describe them, but it is these moments that make all the shadows, balance out, the random moments that make you feel as good as any drug ever could.
And it is these moments, I believe, at the end of our lives, long into the future, the we will recall, not the darkness and shadows, but these moments that glow in our memories like sunlight.

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