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It's amazing how time consuming costuming can become. Clothing plays such an important role in first impressions and showing a character's personality and development that we have to spend the time on every last detail. Complicating the fact is the elaborate action sequences we've blocked out, and the deliberate disintegration of the clothing over the course of the night. Every last tear and blood stain has to match up between scenes filmed a week apart but occurring minutes later in the script. Some of it can be planned but some can't, and will be duplicated once captured during shooting. It's driving our poor costuming department (re: me and one other!) up the wall but it's exhilaratingly having the characters coming off the page at last under our needles. Between the alterations and the move we've just completed and still sorting out, it's no wonder I haven't been on PS in so long! A belated happy April to all our friends.
Yours in movie-land

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