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I have been slowly getting my magickal tools for my path since the beginning of this year.  I haven't been avidly looking since I believe that these tools and items choose us and not the other way around.  

I think it makes each item more special and our ritual and work more powerful if it was designed especially for the individual person.

My only frustration is having the money to buy some of the items, until the bills are paid, I can't get those candle holders that call out to me from the local thrift shop, or gather the money for that athame that I am coveting on the pagan shopping page I found. 

While these items will have to wait, I am finding it hard to find an alter cloth that calls to me or that I like that will work for now.  I have looked everywhere and haven't come up with a single alter cloth that fits in with me.

A thought occurred to me today:  Can I knit or sew myself an alter cloth?  

If I were to sew, I would have to hand sew on a white or other solid colored cloth, then use some kind of fabric paint or something to make it my own.  That would be fun and useful. I could even make other things to match the cloth, like pouches and things.

If I knit my alter cloth (which I definitely CAN do), what color or colors should I use, and should I use the name brands from the hobby shop or should I splurge and get the expensive handspun and dyed yarn from a local yarn shop, or use the special yarn I have here for it?  

I like the idea of doing both, really.  I can do either one, even embroider if I choose to hand sew my alter cloth.  There are so many possibilities that I can't decide.  They all require time and effort.

The actual question is where can I find patterns on making one for myself.  It looks like I will be doing some research and finding the group of crafty witches here!!

Blessed be!

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Comment by Enigma on July 22, 2018 at 4:29pm

You talking about making an altar cloth got me to thinking. I’d like to make my own altar. It would be square shaped, made of oak, and about waist high. I would embed twelve stones right into the wood around the edges and place a thirteenth stone into the wood directly in the center. No metal parts to hold the altar together, just cut the wood to fit the pieces together than use tree sap to glue them. Carvings of serpents climbing up the legs with deer and other creatures carved around the sides. That would be so cool.

Comment by Raven Pegasus on July 22, 2018 at 4:55pm

My dad used to do a lot of wood working when he retired.  He loved working with wood and creating. I am sure you could make your own alter, it may lead to making other things too.  When you do, show me pictures, I would love to see the finished product.

I decided to go ahead and use fabric and embroidery for my alter cloth. Have fun!!

Comment by Ragnell on July 23, 2018 at 1:40pm

This doesn't exactly address your question, but can I throw something in about athames?  Until you find the one that calls to you, you can use the pointer finger of your dominant hand with the other fingers and thumb curled back.  An athame and a wand are both extensions of your arm, and a way to project your energy (will).  Your pointer finger will work just fine and there's a long history behind it.  B*B*  (Wiccan of many years here).

Comment by Who? on July 24, 2018 at 4:52am

Regarding Athames, I have long held the belief that an Athame should be as personal as you can make it to be, there`s a good choice of commercial blades on the web and in any Pagan shop or outlet, but those that are crafted more to the individual imho work with that person to aid better achievement of aims and spellwork.

I made my first Athame from metal detected iron found close to an ancient site that I had permision to search, and it was recognised by the local museum historic finds Officer as being one of a number of blanks that would have been fire welded together to make a Gladius in the Roman occupation.

These `blanks` were shipped out from Rome , or made locally by a Smith in their thousands, and then fire welded to make the finished Gladius sword blade that a legionary would carry to battle.

Being untainted by blood , this served the purpose of the base for my Athame, and after many hours de-rusting by time in a woodburner, grinding, shaping and polishing, it was fitted into a Blackthorn   handle that I had made, and served me for many years in the Craft.

Though crude by my current creation standards, it remains as something unique to me, and of an age that few can replicate by purchase.

The blank Gladius blade was large enough to make another for a close friend in America, with a lightning struck Ivy handle.

This became a better finished blade and has worked successfully for my friend/student and again is unique in its age/origin.

However, I was on the look out for a more ceremonial Athame for use in `gatherings` which our Coven occasionally attended up country where a number of Witches were present, and it took 3/4 years to come across the `blank` that i required for this `new` blade.

it was found in an antique shop in Tintagel in Cornwall on a visit to the Museum of Witchcraft one September, a Bronze age dagger that had been found somewhere in the UK and was for sale at £100.

Having sufficiant funds at the time to make the purchase, I began the project of creating an Athame that could be ceremonial, and a working tool, these are some of the before/during /and after pictures of the project that produced finally a blade that I am proud of and feel the connection to those who may have held it or used it in the ancient past.

Having formed a  Blackthorn handle for the new Athame, and a Brass blade guard, a gifted Amethyst chunk called to me to be added, this in turn formed the Pommel of the finished blade, a short leather binding securing it into position.

Having chosen to leave the blade with its ancient patina intact, it left only my Oath and a personal wording to be engraved upon it, and a final application of a Beeswax polish.

Some say an Athame `talks` to them, this I have found to be the case with mine, though it whispers in the silence of Circle and darkness`Caius, I am Caius`s, I have heard nothing more from it but that and it continues to now be my Athame of preference in all workings.

A totally unique, ancient and personalized Athame, of which I am proud and very pleased with, I accept that many Witches will not have the skill or funds to purchase such an ancient blade as a blank, but veering away from the mass produced blades that are on offer can take you along a new journey into personal capabilities, and connections with earth, air ,fire, water and the past.

Comment by Enigma on July 24, 2018 at 10:05am

The blade from Jeepers Creepers II 'talks' to me.

Comment by Who? on July 24, 2018 at 3:04pm

It may sound freaky and far fetched Enigma, but as soon as I cleansed the blade when it was a `blank`, I heard the thing murmuring.

Over the space of the ceremonial Athame  project it slowly became clearer until I could make out what it was     very quietly saying.

Comment by Raven Pegasus on July 26, 2018 at 5:34pm

Thank you so much! All of this information has certainly been wonderful! Who, I wish I had that kind of gift to make my own athame, but I don't.  I loved hearing the stories of your athames, it makes them so much more special.

I am going to let my athame come to me when it is time. Ragnell is right, I can use my dominant hand until then or use my wand since it called to me a while ago.  There is definitely no rush since I will be on my path for a very long time.

My alter cloth will be easier for me to make since I do have the skills to sew or knit.

You guys are amazing!  Thank you so much!


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