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Crook and flail, good and evil, male and female, and the ankh (tree of life)

I am starting to understand the symbolism behind the meanings of ancient symbols.
If you look at the crook and flail of ancient egypt you can imagine the crook as a shepherds staff, being a good ruler and watching over his people.
When you now look at the flail, you could imagine a whip, that is used by a farmer, who is treating his people like kettle or slaves.
Then you have the symbolism of cain and able in the bible. Cain is jealous of the good produce (meat, whool, ...) of his brother abel, because he works much harder and it takes way longer to grow plants.
So you have good as a community of nomad shepherds, being ruled by a kind King (David) and then you have the settled Farmer as an underling of a corrupt system, governed by trading and stockpiling goods (money, grain, ...) in a system of greed and corruption.
So the Shepherd is like a stone age hunter (male), who kills animals and walks long distances and rules the family.
The farmer then is like a stone age gatherer (female), who takes care of the home and children, keeping it togeither.
So neither is actually bad, because you need the tree of knowing good and evil to come to the tree of life and balance.
So the pharaoh has the crook and flail crossed over his chest, creating an ankh, symbol of life. A similar symbol is the scales of maat, where the heart is weighted by the feather of truth (torah/ tob ra/good evil=emet/truth).
A similar symbol is the shiva lingam, which also indicates the balance of male and female.
So the male (strong) shepherd rules over the "female" (weaker) sheep (the ram's head looks like the female reproductive system. And the "female" (lower) farmer rules over the male (stronger) kettle/"slaves" (not in a bad way, because justice is kindness and judgement combined).
The bulls horns are like the upside down gonads.
So we have male over female and female over male. Both are balanced like the yin and yang, containing a small section of each other, creating balance.

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Comment by Midrash on March 7, 2018 at 4:36am


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