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You just never know who you will meet or where you will go when you wander into the night. Yesterday evening at sunset, I decided to go for a walk. After sunset the moon was big and bright, a Full Moon, sometimes called a Worm Moon or Crow Moon being the last full moon before the vernal equinox.

My wanderings led me to an old cemetery. My intentions were not to go into a cemetery when I departed for my walk. The cemetery was unknown to me beforehand. I decided to visit the dead who lied there. How can you resist such a venture on a magical excursion? The graves were very old, from the 1800’s. My mild dementia caused me to see figures in the shadows. Psychiatrists think I have early onset dementia. The Moon was ducking in and out behind the clouds as they passed in the sky.

Soon the sound of the iron gate opening caught my attention. It was a young lady walking a large white dog. They were easy to see in the unlit cemetery as both were clothed in light colors. I was wearing all black, black hoodie, black pants, and black shoes. They probably never saw me. I remained quiet and distant from them and just observed. They walked around the cemetery in an intentional manner. I guess the young lady brings her dog there for walks.

I quietly left them and walked out of the cemetery.

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