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Headaches are amongst the most common causes of discomfort that exist today. Few
of us can boast that we are not susceptible to headaches or migraine from time
to time.

Frequently people complain of having acquired a headache whilst participating in
one of my crystal healing workshops or seminars, which is not really that
surprising. At all my workshops and seminars I bring along with me some very
powerful crystals and gemstones, creating between them a tremendous amount of
energy. The average person is simply not able to cope with this sudden overload
of energy to their bodily system - with the result that they suffer from severe

When suffering from headaches or migraines try to avoid - if at all possible -
taking pain-killers in the form of aspirin or paracetamol. Pain-killers can
actually interfere with the healing process by blocking the nerve endings so
that the signal from the cells never gets to the brain. Since the brain does
not know the cells are in trouble, it does not send the energy needed and the
condition of the cells may worsen.

With our quartz crystals we can feed energy to the cells instead of blocking the
pain signal so that the cells can repair themselves. This is the natural way of
healing with crystals.

Energy flows in and out of the head all the time through the crown and third eye
chakras. When a blockage, usually emotional or stressful, occurs at the mouth of
the chakra, it builds up pressure. The excess pressure causes the cells to
signal the brain with pain.

To treat a headache caused by stress, place your healing crystal in your right
hand. Put your left hand over the site of the pain and the right hand over the
solar plexus. Using the drawing ability of your left hand, amplified by the
crystal in your right hand, now transfer the excess energy from your head to
your solar plexus, where it can be distributed throughout the body. This may
take up to 30 minutes to achieve.

However, if you wish to speed up the healing process, close your eyes and
picture the headache as a dark cloud of excess energy. Your left hand is a
giant vacuum cleaner; watch it suck the cloud away. Watch closely until the
cloud has all gone and then open your eyes. Put your hands down and stand up.
Take a couple of deep breaths, walk around and wonder where your headache has

At my workshops and seminars I can usually remove a headache by picking up my
personal quartz crystal, directing the single-terminated end towards the
person's head and slowly moving the crystal in a clockwise direction around the
perimeter of the head. This can remove the headache completely within just a
couple of minutes.

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