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Dancing With Fairies
By Rev. Morgan

I danced among the flowers one warm summer night
There was the scent of roses on the air
I took delight to see, I was joined by fairies
With their bright wings and joyful voices
Laughter filled the meadow
They were always moving in and out
Of the glow of flickering candlelight
I felt as though I had wings of my own
The only one in the universe
But nay; I was not alone
I am one of many
The warm rose-scented air
Caressed my face
I felt the kiss of the Fairy Queen
I collapsed to the ground, She had left Her mark
I watched the fireflies in their sacred dance
I tried to catch my breath, my energy spent
Rising to my feet, I took a deep breath
I left them there, the little fairies
I gave them my thanks and an offering
Milk and honey, white and golden sweet

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