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Darkness Before Dawn . By - Mike j Hughes .


Holding grudges and bitterness will indeed bring one to  a  life of illness and chronic disease  over the years.  This crystallization will sow  the seeds of destruction in future births as one returns to the three worlds of Human endeavour , only to confront personal illness again and again.

Spiritual growth is accelerated through service to one's fellow man , and through the unfolding of the ''Plan'', as far as one may comprehend that 'Plan''
It goes without saying that humanity is passing through a major crisis unique in these times of  uncertainty , confusion , poor clumsy education , a corrupt political tyranny .
Even worse is the fact we have the bulk of humanity born into the world not knowing who they are , where they are going ,  personal,  and group  destiny , and not the foggiest idea as to the part we all play in the working out of the Divine Plan ''on Earth. 
Those  treading the Path at this time in the  world history , are  finding  themselves in a most difficult struggle indeed , in conditions of spiritual ignorance of the masses who ,- groping in the dark and sadness of their condition should be lifting their heads in joy at the coming incarnation   
We have to work at the quality of life and education. All  people are     unique ,-  therefore the Education in the future must aid in  giving the best according to the future role of those young people  who will be coming into incarnation  during the 7th Ray dispensation ruled over the energies of Aquarius , synthesis , and right human relations  . In time , this will give way to the formation  of a group known as the ''Get Acquainted Program'' wherein advanced members of the Human family will begin working intelligently with other human families throughout  the entire  solar system .
All these wonderful possibilities are not'' pipe dreams ''  , - and  will be possible as soon as Humanity learns to outgrow the thirst for                 blood ,revenge , and war. 
I must confess I am amazed as to how stubborn , and stupid  many of the worlds ''Leaders'' can be. These ''small selfish creatures'' { to keep the shame untold } have absolutely  no soul contact at all, and therefore sit and ponder as to how such un- advanced ''humans'' get into positions of  power over the masses  they rule . Humanity will get the Government they deserve 
If you are interested in the raising of Human consciousness ,  then please check out the following links below,---
Young people

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Comment by Adonis of the Lebanon on March 17, 2018 at 1:14pm

I posted an article entitled "Where is Maitreya Now" on March 6 here on Pagan Space. Last year I wasn't aware of Maitreya's return from the Himalayas to Mt. Shasta, but I knew that he left London and abandoned his plans for a Day of Declaration. I wrote a short article at that time in which I revealed what I knew of Maitreya's movements and posted it on three websites belonging to Share International, but all three sites deleted it. I can understand that my article threatened the raison d'être of Share International, and every organization wants to perpetuate itself. Without Benjamin Creme as a channel Maitreya is left with low-level disciples like me to make his thoughts known to the world. I am happy to see your hope and enthusiasm for the coming age. The Day of Declaration was not essential in any case. The masters can and will fulfill their purpose with or without publicity.

Comment by Adonis of the Lebanon on March 17, 2018 at 1:20pm
Comment by Mike Hughes on July 29, 2018 at 2:08am

Thank you for that info Bro . 


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