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Day By Day
By ;- Mike j Hughes

This is an account of my mental and emotions over the last 3 years or so .
''My Inner Light'' has revealed to me nothing of a real spectacular global event, -however , let me say something about the ''art of making predictions'' . I myself have been a student of spiritual occultism for about 30 years, have devoted myself as a member of ''The New Group of World Servers'' , do all I can in making an impact that will have good effects , and urge all humanity that we are all the same .
As I have said before, so many , many , many times, that,- if Humanity wants to expand their consciousness , and feel the ''Heartstrings their , as yet , feeble and unevolved mental bodies,- then one must ''count the cost'' before heading out upon your journey that will urge you forward upon the Path you have chosen to tread, for the remainder of your present incarnation ,; that is 'The Path' of Service to everyone and everything that lives and that ''creepeth'' upon the earth.
For this present incarnation that I now find myself;- working in the Sociability Department of - ,
Service to Humanity
Building connections
The Sharing of Information

I will answer all question that are Submitted, and Give answers as to ''high strangeness '', as well as questions about Spirituality , the occult , information about the 'World Teacher' we know as the Lord Maitreya , White Magic , and the unselfish sacrifices we advanced souls are to make to serve all Humanity at this unbelievable times we are now living and moving through , All in all it is causing great agony of Mind and Heart .
Religious or not , it matters not. all souls will feel and know that a new ''Presence ''is now walking amongst the Sons of Men who know not They are the Sons of God.

Please help me make use of over 30 years of spiritual occult wisdom and knowledge , to make it practical and useful in these dark times we are now going through.

Send questions and comments to -- Blessed Be - My web-log B.C Book- The Ageless Wisdom Teachings. - Service work thrivemovment"> A

deep study into the nature of the astral planes , -lower and higher. Skeptic page. - My web log B.C Book- The Ageless Wisdom Teachings. - Service work - The List of Initiates C.N.N Airing the Message of

You need free spiritual Help in answering anything to the best of My Knowledge,
Just Ask..........

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