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Dear Azealia Banks: Gay-marry me. please.

I'm not much of a celebrity nut, but when a woman as well-known as rapper Azealia Banks and all her serious hotness comes out of the broom closet, I can't help but do a little dance.. Especially when it comes attached to an anti-imperialist rant. I know a lot of people and sites are giving her sh** for, what appears when taken out of context, to be a "reverse racist" attack on "whitey"'s.  Her language choices are pretty inflammatory but personally, I'm white and I totally agree with her.  Groups of people who have experienced systematic oppression such as women, ethnic minorities, gay people, witches, etc need to reclaim their spirituality.  We all deserve to be reflected in the face of the Divine.... not to mention she's commenting on racial tensions in the US right now, with what hopefully is general Custer's last stand.   Also I'm sure people who don't want the Craft to go mainstream are probably not happy.  I'm not one of those people.  I want the world to cater to my interests, and I don't think she's just trying to be fasionable... you can, at least, tell from her rants she's been reading some Alice Walker, for sure. What does everyone think of her?

Yung Rapunxel video <3<3<3<3<3 NSFW

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