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Decoys are used for deception and they come in a very wide array of styles. Hunters use duck decoys to bring in unsuspecting ducks to their death. People put owl decoys out to scare away rodents and others varmints. News media uses one story to attract attention away from another story. Or the news media will give a misleading headline but are able to say it is not fake news because the last paragraph of the story will have the truth, often times it is the last sentence. Sports teams use decoys to trick the opposing team. Retailers use the old bait-and-switch decoy to bring customers into their store, both retail and online. When at war, both sides will generate false/misleading information in the hopes of gaining an advantage. It goes on-and-on. The world of magic and the astral plane uses decoys also, especially the left-hand-path.

The last couple of nights I’ve been a decoy on the astral plane. Working with a group of men, it was possible for us to pull off some rather unusual capers. Being a decoy does not go without risk. There were times when pain was very close to be inflicted upon me. But in the end the deception worked and all-was-well. The decoy doesn’t usually receive any great reward for their efforts, but I was compensated for my time. It is the one who operates the main goal of the mission that acquires the recognition and greatest reward associated with the particular task at hand.

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