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It was a hot day today. I spent several hours outside walking in the hot sun. Along the route I took came a doe and her fawn. Another doe was following them along but it did not have a fawn. Deer give birth during the months of April through June. They were walking in the hot sun like me and I wondered if it bothered them with their fur coats. The nearby cattle were all resting in the shade of a grove of trees. The cattle were content to just watch the deer and I stroll along. The deer excited my musings about Tezcatlipoca, an Aztec deity I have tattooed on my left thigh.

My Tezcatlipoca Tattoo

Tezcatlipoca is a deity associated with the nocturnal sky, temptation, sorcery, and war. I’m not going to go into a long discourse about the many things Tezcatlipoca was accredited. He was said to have worn the hoof of a deer on his right foot to signify his speed and agility. Like the deer walking parallel to my path today.

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