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Don'T be too stiff, don't be too weak

If a bow is too weak, you can't fire the arrow. If a bow is too stiff, IT breaks.

If a sword get's too much heat, it melts and if you cool it too fast IT breaks.

The strongest armor is elastic, because IT van ward off arrows or bullets just through it's buffer effect.

If your mind is too static, you miss elasticity. If it is to weak, you miss strength. Don't bei too kind. Don't bei too harsh.

If humans wouldn't struggle in life there would bei noch progress. If it would bei too harsh and dangerous, the would fear everything and stay weak aswell.

Greatness comes with modesty. A mixture of being gentle, but wen it is needed strict. Else your Kids either getroffen spoiled and cocky, or depressed and dependant.

Only when you have a calm mind during struggle and a struggling mind during calmness, you can achieve something in life. Do something tat you haven't done, but that you want to do, but go back to safety wen it gets too dangerous. Life is like a game, but you only have one life.

Don't think you are better than anyone else, that just shows how Small your own mindset is, but still consider yourself more important than some, you don't like, because thhey don't need your interest if you don't get theirs.

Bei Who you are, but allways strive to become better.

Tank you! ;)

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