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I rarely blog, but I find this rather odd.
Last week, on another social site, I was chatting happily to a fellow member and things were quite cordial. Then he said he was divorced and that he had taught his ex wife how to "power through the washing up" when they were married. Then he asked me why I have never married. I gave him my honest answer which is that I view marriage as legal slavery for the woman. Based on my observations of married couples the wife is expected to do most of the domestic work while the man does sweet fuck all except read the paper and watch tv. At that his attitude changed and he became quite angry at my answer.

His reaction surprised me for two reasons:-
No.1 He asked me a question and got an honest reply. I respect honesty myself and hate liars.
No.2 My opinion is only 1 woman's opinion. I do not speak on behalf of anyone else. I expressed it because I was asked for it. I was not pushing it on anyone nor was I looking for anyone's approval.

Since this happened he has ignored me and it seems to me he is sulking, which I find immature. I think he over-reacted to what is only 1 individuals opinion.
I wonder why?

(any comments will be subject to my approval)

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Comment by Karen Black on March 18, 2017 at 11:57am
That could be it Vegan. If that is the reason I think he must have done something to think he deserves a "ticking off" from me. (guilty conscience)


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